About Us

Hi, I am Ivo van Dooren; Dutch-born and educated as a civil engineer.

For the bigger part of my life, I’ve lived on the island of Curaçao.
I ended up here after studying and working in the USA, Peru, Ghana and Surinam.

After doing a design for Curaçao’s most precious beach (Cas Abou), back in 1990, we got involved in the palapa construction industry.
They loved the design, but the question arose: How are we going to build it?

After intense research and investigation, materials and expertise were found and brought in directly from Colombia.
Business became serious when we were asked to do the construction for the Kura Hulanda Lodge Westpunt in the year 2000.

Since then we have done hundreds of designs and constructions varying from simple beach umbrellas, pool huts, clubhouses, porches,carports, bungalows, tree houses, and luxury villas.

This made us what we are today: True Palap-artists with Peak performance!

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